I offer two different types of readings right now, Tarot Readings with your Angels and Guides, and Channeled Readings with your Angels or Star Nations Family. I am available for phone readings, or in person on Kauai at Rhiannon’s Kauai Spirit Metaphysical store in Kapaa. You can easily book readings online, view my available schedule, choose your day and time, and pay securely online. 

Tarot With Your Angels and Guides
Channeled Readings With Your Angels or Star Family

“As Above, So Below” is the theme of my Tarot readings with messages from your Angels and guides. Reading in a unique style, using two decks at once, allows you to understand the higher spiritual energy, lessons and gifts of the situation, as well as the grounded, real-life solutions and paths to potentially take. This is the reading for you if you need insight into major life transitions, relationships, career, choices or finances. You will leave the reading with greater clarity, and a sense of peace knowing what actions are the best to take for the highest outcome.

Channeled Readings with your Angels or Star Family are a beautiful way to ‘meet’ your guides and connect with your higher purpose and self. These readings are always an hour long, and available right now only by phone because I have found clients get the most powerful experience when they are comfortable, at home and able to relax before and after the session to really integrate the energy and information. This reading is for you if you are curious about your Star Family, Angels or soul origins, and are ready to delve into your Divine purpose and calling in this lifetime.

FAQ About Tarot and Channeled Angels Readings

What is Channeling? 

Channeling is a way for you to listen directly to your Angels and guides, ask them questions and receive insight. It basically works by me connecting through my higher self, to contact your higher self, and then your Angels or guides, so that the messages / energy is able to channel through my higher self. That’s why they call it ‘channeling’ because it’s a lot like ‘tuning in’ to a specific energy or vibration and then sharing that message, like a radio in some ways! 

Can Tarot Predict the Future?

Tarot, when used ethically, does not so much predict the future as it does clarify the PRESENT, and where you will end up, if you continue on the path you are presently on. When I read, I see threads of potential futures, or outcomes, like strings of light, and I follow those threads and pull cards to see which actions, will most likely lead to what outcomes. This helps you to choose the best possible actions NOW, to create the outcome that you desire. 

Which Reading is Right for Me?

If you read through the reading descriptions above you should have a pretty good feeling in your gut which reading will give you the most benefit. Generally, if you need insight into ‘real life’ issues like career, finance, relationships, family… the best insights will come from the Tarot. Channeled readings are best for the ‘bigger’ questions in life, like “What is my divine purpose in this lifetime?”. Put simply, the Tarot loves to answer questions about your human, day to day life, and the Angels love to deal with the ‘big stuff’. 

How Can I Book a Reading?

It’s easy! Just click any of the “Book Now” type buttons around here, and you will be able to select what type of reading you want, view my schedule, pick a time and pay securely. If you need a reading outside of my pre-scheduled times, please call Rhiannon’s Kauai Spirit metaphysical store, or contact me.